Monday, May 5, 2008

just slightly obsessed

my new header is in honor of the new Twilight teaser trailer that was released today...or discovered today. thats pretty much it. I love this book and am super excited for the movie. you can check out the trailer for yourself here:Twilight Trailer!

Also there are some super cool fan forums out there if you are interested. my personal favorite is the lion_lamb livejournal community or Twilight Lexicon.

remember my tidepool was inspired by the settings in the book.

Also counted only 2 Mexican flags today which was highly dissapointing and a major step down from last year's Cinco de Mayo count of 53. you need to step it up San Jose...

Friday, May 2, 2008

in living color

This was a quick color comp for my final assignment. It still needs some work but this is my basic outline for my color scheme. Sorry for the pixelation. It was painted on top of a photocopy. on a side note. Gary Busey is insane.