Sunday, August 24, 2008

When In Rome...

Well all over Italy, actually. I visited Venice, Florence and Rome. It wasnt the first place we went but i will post the other stuff later when i develop more patience for my printer.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

break the bank

I went to this really cool place last weekend called Petroglyph. It's in Roseville and you can choose from a wide selection of different pottery pieces to paint. they have figurines and plates, bowls, cups and pretty much anything kitchen related that you can imagine. I choose the most generic of them all: a piggy bank. sounds lame, but it wasn't. i had a blast painting my little piggy and hope it will represent future financial stability. i made him look shocked...either because there is money IN him being take out of him. hes not in color cause...i painted him pink a loser. I think when i go back i will paint a dish and have some preconceived creative ideas for it. i blame painting a pig on my lack of spontaneous creativity. :P naw, but he is pretty cute . :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old Stuff

i just feel weird not posting anything...ever. once im back in SJ...which will be never, I will have lots of stuff to post. in the mean time, i thought i would submit some older stuff i did in class...and just in my sketchbook.
my charcoal reversal for 112A
Color rendering (split comp. color scheme) for 113A
and this is just for shits and giggles, its my room mate, Leif...when he had appendicitis in the hospital. he looked and felt awful.

Monday, August 4, 2008


soo yay! breaking dawn came out at midnight saturday night and i was in line with a few friends to get a copy. unfortunately ....shit my cat is like vomiting. ugh! Anyways! unfortunately i had already read some spoilers online before the book release and a lot of negative criticism from 'fans'. i went into the book very skeptical but was very satisfied once the book ended. I honestly do not understand the negative reactions to this book and it really irritates me. I dont care if people dont like the book, not everyone has to... its more the way in which they comment about it. no one seems to have a reason, its just immature comments like "ultimate FAIL" or "s.meyer is teh suck!!!11". it irritates me so much i wish i could disown this fandom.

i applaud stephenie meyer for writing the book she wanted to write. its not going to go down in history like a work of Shakespeare, its a completely indulgent young adult novel! its a guilty pleasure! this isnt going to be required reading in your adv. english high school classroom! people are upset that she wrapped everything up in a pretty bow and gave the characters there happy ending. 1. people would be MORE pissed if she had given them a bad ending. 2. this ISNT the end! its the end from Bella's point of view. meyer needs to leave things a little open because she is planning more stories...or maybe not considering the appauling behavior of her fans. 3. this HAS been what meyer has been alluding to throughout the entire series: love conquers all, people can change, you dont have to accept the life that was handed to you. everyone who thinks Bella was supposed to sacrifice everything for edward...well she DID, she was willing to and thats why things worked out. Bella believed things could be better, she was prepared to loose it all, and she essentially did.

i think the fandom got caught up in too much hype, too many personal expectations, and meyer cant please everyone. she certainly pleased me and i hope she continues these stories. im stepping off my soap box now.